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Anneliese Krieg

Anneliese is a contemporary artist who loves to create uplifting, bright and colourful works of art.


As a child she had a passion for striving to make beautiful creations. Even though once she was married and had a family painting took a backseat, her artistic, creative side still came out in cooking, cake decorating and craft, both with her children and in her job. She works mainly in acrylics, oils and watercolour and does it all from her dining table. Living on a peaceful farm in Brinkworth SA she finds inspiration in her love of nature and the picturesque surrounds.


She has sold her original high quality works of art both nationally and internationally. People say her bright, whimsical work makes them happy. Anneliese’s Grandchildren take great delight in their Oma’s creations and love to see a work in progress on her easel.


Commissions are always more than welcome.

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