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Is Photography Art?

This June, we encourage you to join in the conversation of whether photography should be, or is, considered an art.

Here at the Arts Collective Clare Valley our current exhibition of photography called "The Art of Photography" see's a display of beautiful and creative works from both Collective members and invited artists. It comes on the heels of the prestigious Clare Art Show in which photography was not eligible for any prizes.

Nearly 200 years since its inception, photography as art still attracts detractors and controversy. Does photography deserve the same status as painting or sculpture? If so why? If not, why not? What is your opinion? Second only to the act of creating art, the most fun thing in the art world is a bit of healthy debate, so why not pop in to the gallery and see these pieces for yourself.


With an interactive display, we encourage you to come in and make some of your own photography art with some wine glasses (feel free to arrange them how you like). Later this month we will have a camera and macro lens set up with some oil bubbles for you to have a try at making beautiful macro bubble art.

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