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Wendy Pfeiffer

"I am inspired to draw the animals of my rural country homelands of the Mid-North of South Australia. Having lived most of my life in the country it has been a prominent and ever present vision for my lifelong career as an artist to create artworks reflecting my love of my homelands, and to share with others this beautiful land and everything within it".

"My style of drawing is highly realistic, many people say photo realistic! I spend on average 50 hours of drawing time to complete each original drawing. It’s my labour of love to bring a little bit of country into other peoples lives".

Fish and Chips Wendy Pfeifer_Photo Print_ A4_Two Cows_Print.jpg
Oscar Wendy Pfeiffer_Photo Print_A4_8 - Sheep.jpg
Bill and Milly Wendy Pfeiffer 2 Sml.jpg
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