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Darren Pattison

Darren Pattison is passionate about metal and what can be formed by its manipulation.

He creates artworks ranging from small metal floral arrangements to large abstract outdoor sculptures.

With an appreciation for the metal workers of yesteryear, Darren enjoys using a coke fired forge, hammer and anvil to make artworks.

Darren grew up in South Australia’s Mid north and now lives in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide.

His love of metalwork began in childhood. Darren went from cutting up and welding bicycles, making choppers and sidecars to pursuing a career in the metal industry. Now a fulltime mechanical maintenance fitter, Darren still loves spending time in his shed creating metal art.

“I think part of my passion to create metal artworks is in the knowledge that they are appreciated by others and that they will be treasured and enjoyed long after I’m gone.”

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