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Linda Stanway

Linda Stanway grew up in a creative family. Her mother is an established artist and her siblings show talent for many styles of painting and drawing.

Linda enjoyed art at high school and considered studying graphic art but instead pursued other careers, including hairdressing and social work.

Her creative journey recommenced when she turned to art for relaxation and escape from her busy career.

Exploring a wide range of styles, techniques and mediums, Linda’s repertoire includes abstract landscapes and realistic portraiture. She enjoys palette knife painting as much as fine pencil drawing. Photography is also a growing interest.

Her inspiration often comes from her long runs along the Riesling Trail, meditation in yoga or from the beauty of the human form.

Linda has exhibited successfully in many local art shows. She is generous with her support of fellow artists and enjoys teaching fun classes to children and adults.

She is passionate about collaborative community arts and creating together for fun, health and well-being.

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