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anthea cider.jpg
Anthea Piszczuk

Creating is what Anthea has always done… as a child in imaginative play, later to promote self image and its illusion, and now as her total pleasure and sustenance.


Drawn to the patterns and textures witnessed in her environment, Anthea captures them digitally and in memory, then replicates portions in her work. She enjoys its colour, texture and simplicity; and employs fibre, paint, pastel, ink, and collage to support her artwork.


Diversity has become her standard, as she constantly moves between the mediums. Anthea’s ‘laboratory’ is a hectic disarray of ideas to be continued!


The evolution of her affordable ‘Wearable Art’ range she acknowledges as continuous fun. Anthea says she delights in being able to offer original artworks for all through the ‘Anthea Louise’ label.


‘I believe everyone deserves to own an original artwork’ is Anthea’s motto.

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