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Samantha Doak

Throughout her life Robyn has dabbled in creative pastimes including, Chalk
Painting, Pottery, Furniture Restoration and various other crafts. It is only quite
recently that she has taken to painting with Acrylic Paint on Canvas.

She is now addicted to painting.

During an extended two year trip around Australia Robyn was inspired by her photos
of the beautiful Australian landscape. With such beauty to choose from it was the
ideal time to take up the brush.

She attended lessons in Pastels, Watercolour and Acrylics at various locations
around Australia, and then a series of classes and workshops on her return to

After re-locating to South Australia, she enjoys painting from her home studio at the
rear of the renovated Uniting Church in Blyth.

A semi abstract artist, Robyn portrays nature in a bright and fun way, for her it is all
about the colour!

You can view all of Robyn's available artworks here.

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rings 4.jpeg
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